Monday, October 14, 2013

Extreme Savings

Monday evening is my favorite time to shop at Vons, it is usually pretty mellow which allows me to take my time to find all of the best deals*.

*Warning; waiting until Monday for the week's deals (last day of the weekly sales ad is Tuesday) sometimes will result in certain items being out of stock.

Here are today's best deals:
Two boxes Post Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds (18oz) and two cans of Yuban coffee (11oz) for $6.67.
Retail cost of these items, $20.56, that's a savings of $13.89.

Wish Bone chunky blue cheese salad dressing; full retail price ($3.99) - card savings ($1.00) - Just4U ($2.30) = $0.69

Also scored on some meat products!
Oscar Mayer premium hot dogs (2-8packs) and one package of honey roasted turkey breast lunchmeat (9oz) for $4.97.
Regular price; $6.49/hot dog pack and $5.29 for the turkey = $18.27, a savings of $13.30 for the 3 items.

The best way to double or triple your savings is to combine Club Card deals, Just4U deals (digital coupons) including personalized deals, and paper coupons.

Another way is to check the clearance sections throughout the store (back of the store by the pharmacy, meat department, frozen foods and more.
Alwas keep your eyes open for blowout deals and discountinued items.
Here's an example of what I came across today:
This bag of frozen button, shiitake and oyster mushrooms ended up being just $0.50 with card and store savings.

Good luck shopping friends :)

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