Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Double Ad Wednesday at Sprouts

Don't forget to get your shopping list ready!!!  Tomorrow is Double Ad Wednesday at Sprouts and you don't want to miss out on the best deals of the week.

As usual, Sprouts is bringing us some incredible buys on produce.  Make sure to stock up on salad fixings and fresh snacks for the kiddos.
-Organic Bulk Baby Spinach or Spring Mix, $3.99/#
-Organic Table Carrots - 5# bag, $2.99 each
-Organic Cucumbers, $.88 each
-Organic Cantaloupe, $.88 each
-Organic Gala Apples, $1.48/#

Here a few other random deals that may strike your fancy.
-All Kashi Products, 30% OFF + In-store Coupon good for $4 off 5 Kashi Products
-Fresh Pork Sausages, $1.99/#
-Mild Cheddar - Bulk Cut, $2.99/#

Have fun shopping and cooking :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Tuesday!!! That means DOUBLE AD WEDNESDAY IS TOMORROW :)

For anyone that doesn't know, Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.  This is due to the fact that it is DOUBLE AD WEDNESDAY at SPROUTS.  For those that say healthy eating and living comes at a premium, I beg to differ.

Here are some examples of easy, inexpensive and healthy options for the week:

-Mountain High Yogurt (32oz container, $2.50) -1
-Granola (Sold in bulk, $2.99-3.99/#) ~1#
-Bananas ($.65-.75/#) -4
-Raisins (Sold in bulk, $1.99/#) ~1#
*Depending on amount consumed, yogurt, granola and raisins will last 1-2 weeks.  I use about a half of a banana per day.
COST: ~$8.70, even if it only lasts a week, that's only $1.25 per meal.

-Greens (Romaine, Green or Red Leaf, $.98) -2
-Avocado ($.33) -3
-Chicken ($2.49/#) -2#
-Onion (~$.50/#) -1
*To make things easier, wash and chop onion and lettuce.  Also, pre-cook chicken and chop up.  Store separately and make 'fresh' each day.  Pair with favorite dressing.  I use roughly 1/2 avocado per serving.
COST: ~$8.50, less than $1.25 per meal.

For less than $20 you can have two meals a day for the entire week.  With these kinds of savings you can buy $5 lobster tails (when on sale) and have a meal for a king at low prices.

For all of tomorrow's incredible deals, visit here: http://specials.sprouts.com/Shop/WeeklyAd.aspx
To find a location near you: http://sprouts.com/stores